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  • Vedanta Zinc International investigating feasibility of a ...

    May 02, 2018· Details Published: Wednesday, 02 May 2018 11:30 Johannesburg, 2 May 2018: Vedanta Zinc International (VZI), a subsidiary of London-listed Vedanta Resources, is pleased to announce that the company has started a feasibility study into the development and construction of a Zinc Smelter-Refinery Complex to process concentrates from its Gamsberg project at Black Mountain Mining in the

  • Updated Feasibility Study Confirms Significant Value of the

    Mar 24, 2021· updated feasibility study highlights The UFS was prepared in Canadian Dollars (C$). The values have been converted to U.S. Dollars (US$) at


    Feb 24, 2020· On behalf of Revere Smelting & Refining Corporation (Revere), WSP USA Inc. (WSP) has prepared this Feasibility Study (FS) - Operable Unit 3 (OU3)for the Revere facility located at 65 Ballard Road in Middletown, Orange County, New York (Figure 1).

  • Nyrstar Port Pirie Smelter Transformation Proposal Public ...

    environment and health feasibility study - port pirie Smelter Transformation. ... the main smelter sources, and then summarising key findings from a backtracking study that identified the main smelter sources of Port Piries air lead using air quality and meteorological data.

  • AP Technology

    as during the feasibility study and implementation. Located at Ras Al Khair in Saudi Arabia, the Maaden Smelter consists of two potlines of 360 pots, featuring AP37 technology with a combined capacity of 740,000 tonnes of aluminium per year. On 12 December 2012 the smelter celebrated achieving its First Hot Metal milestone which marked

  • Focused Feasibility Study for Operable Unit 1 Colorado ...

    Colorado Smelter OU1 Focused Feasibility Study Report, Revision 3 Page 5 June 30, 2017 1.0 Introduction and Purpose This Focused Feasibility Study for Operable Unit 1 (OU1) (FFS) is being prepared by Pacific Western Technologies, Ltd. (PWT) under Remedial Action Contract (RAC2) Work Assignment No. 136-RICO-

  • NiWest Pre-Feasibility Study Delivers Outstanding Results

    Aug 02, 2018· Page 1 of 2 . NiWest Pre-Feasibility Study Delivers Outstanding Results GME Resources Limited (GME or the Company) (ASX:GME) is pleased to announce the completion of the Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) on its -owned NiWest Nickel-Cobalt Project in Western Australia (NiWest or NiWest Project).The NiWest PFS has confirmed the technical and financial robustness of a long-life

  • PURE: Feasibility study for nickel smelter project will be ...

    Nov 04, 2020· The feasibility study, among others, covers the safety aspects of smelter facilities, production, raw materials and the environment. Also, the company will conduct a detailed engineer design (DED) for the smelter project.

  • Feasibility into zinc smelting, refining in Northern Cape

    May 02, 2018· A feasibility study into the development and construction of a zinc smelter-refinery complex in the Northern Cape is under way, London-listed India-based Vedanta subsidiary Vedanta Zinc International (VZI) said on Wednesday. This is the latest step in the unfolding of what is envisaged as a major zinc cluster extending from South Africas Northern Cape across the border into southern Namibia.


    News Release. For Immediate Release Office of the Premier February 25, 1998. ALCOA TO STUDY FEASIBILITY OF NEW B.C. ALUMINUM SMELTER. VANCOUVER-Alcoa and the British Columbia government signed a memorandum of understanding today to proceed with a planning and feasibility study for construction of a primary aluminum smelter.

  • NI 43-101 Technical Report Pre-feasibility Study of the ...

    Pre-feasibility Study of the . Chinchillas Silver-Lead-Zinc Project . Jujuy Province, Argentina . Prepared for: Puna Operations Inc., a Joint Venture between . Silver Standard Resources Inc. and Golden Arrow Resources Corporation . Effective Date: December 31, 2016 .

  • Pre-Feasibility study of Copper Smelter Plant II

    Copper Smelter II will be located in 128.805 ha. and the Land kept in hand in Zone A for future purpose is 2.585 ha. The location map and study area of 10-km radius of the plant is shown in Figure-1 and Figure-2 respectively. Environmental Setting of the Plant Site

  • Smelter Consultant - PT Adhikriya Kualita Utama

    May 22, 2020· The risk analysis of smelter development project is important to to map potential risks, so a set of anticipation strategies can pe prepared earlier. In addition, the financial analysis based on parameters such as IRR, NPV, Payback Period, and sensitivity analysis are necessary to be conducted to assess projects economic feasibility. Project Development Several steps Smelter Consultant ...

  • Smelter wastes and cleanups - Montana aluminum

    smelter facility operated under the name Evergreen Aluminum. 8 In 1986, the Washington Department of Ecology ordered a cleanup investigation and feasibility study for spent potliner at the Vancouver smelter. This was the frst in a long string of cleanup actions at the site. Under the Department of Ecology between 1988 and 2011, Alcoa

  • IRONBARK Zinc Limited

    Smelter fees additional US$0.22/lb Zn) ... itronens Feasibility Study with all the supporting studies is being presented to NFC for the purposes of preparing the EPC and financing work. NFC is expected to be in a position to begin delivering the results


    The objective of the study is to comprehend the feasibility for construction plan of smelter plant to process the nickel laterite into ferro-nickel (Fe-Ni). PT. Macika Mineral Industries (PT. MMI), located at Lolowua village South Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi will implement such a plan Law No. 4 of 2009 on Mineral and Coal Mining obliges the mining investors to process the minerals into semi ...

  • Alcoa to study feasibility of a hydro-powered smelter

    On May 23, the Greenland Home Rule Cabinet agreed to enter into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the aluminum company Alcoa Inc. The agreement entails cooperation on a feasibility study for constructing an aluminum smelter with a 340,000 metric-ton-per-year capacity in Greenland.. The MOU also encompasses a hydroelectric power system and related infrastructure improvements,

  • Scoping and Feasibility Study for Plant (Smelter) Project ...

    1. Scoping study report 2. Pre-feasibility study of plant (smelter) document report 3. Detail Engineering Design (DED) document. Duration: 1.Scoping study: ± 2 months 2. Feasibilty study: ± 4 months

  • Annexure-1 Pre Feasibility study of Copper Smelter II

    Copper Smelter II will be located in 128.805 ha. and the Land kept in hand in Zone A for future purpose is 2.585 ha. The location map and study area of 10-km radius of the plant is shown in Figure-1 and Figure-2 respectively. Environmental Setting of the Plant Site The environmental setting of the plant site is given in Table-2. TABLE-2

  • Aluminum Smelter Superfund Site - Roux Inc

    Roux is performing a multimillion-dollar Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) at a 1,300-acre former aluminum reduction facility (commonly referred to as an aluminum smelter


    study the feasibility of a DME synthesis plant project for a potential application as an . Summary of the Report IDME Project Feasibility Study 2009 3 alternative fuel for certain vehicles and fishing vessels. This MOU was signed on November 21st, 2008. Summary of the Report

  • How to Write Marketing Aspect of Feasibility Study

    Feb 14, 2017· Thats why we had feasibility study of ferronickel smelter. Estimating Past and Present Demand. Past and present demand can be obtained from commercial statistics companies, government statistics agency, or from trade association firms. For example, to estimate supply and demand of LNG, I used data from International Gas Union yearly report.

  • Gulf Manganese Smelter Moving Forward

    Media Release 25 May 2015 Gulf Manganese Smelter Moving Forward Gulf Manganese Corporation Limited (ASX: GMC), formally Gulf Minerals Corporation Limited, is pleased to reveal the findings from the Timor Smelter Study regarding the development of a smelting and sales marketing business to produce high carbon ferromanganese alloys in Timor, which is to be

  • Entering a New Phase of Free Cash Flow Growth

    Tsumeb Smelter, Namibia (92%) Specialty smelter Revised 2021 guidance: 200 220 tonnes of concentrate smelted (1) Timok Project, Serbia () Stage: Feasibility study Production: 80koz. Au per year (first 6 years)(6) Strategic Investment Portfolio Sabina Gold & Silver (9%) Nunavut, Canada Open-pit / underground mine

  • The Bosai alumina refinery feasibility study Kaieteur News

    Feb 16, 2011· Any credible Feasibility Study should have taken account of the reality that the Gibbsite bauxite in Block 37 is one of the cheapest to process into alumina. That is why Guyanas metallurgical bauxite was sold at a premium worldwide, as a sweetener for Alumina Refineries.

  • The Mozal Smelter Project - PMI

    Jan 01, 2002· South African President Thabo Mbeki mentioned the Mozal Smelter Project was an example of southern Africa working together. MOZAL PROJECT SCHEDULE. 1995. November. First meeting with Mozambique government. Feasibility study commenced. 1996. December. Feasibility study completed. 1997. June. Approval of project by Billiton and IDC. December

  • Rosemont Copper Project Updated Feasibility Study

    Updated Feasibility Study Volume I NI 43-101 Technical Report Prepared for: AUGUSTA RESOURCE CORPORATION ARCHITECTURE ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT M3-PN08036 January 2009 (Amended March 17, 2009) M3 Engineering & Technology Corporation 2440 W. Ruthrauff Road, Ste 170 Tucson, Arizona 85705 520-293-1488

  • Bankable Feasibility Study - Prospectus

    Bankable Feasibility Study. Our team at Prospectus assists with bankable feasibility studies. A bankable feasibility report is a study that can be used and therefore should be written with the intent to raise either debt capital from a bank or equity capital from investors (or

  • Magnesium Metal Consultant TRU Group Magnesium Smelting

    Brucite - Feasibility of a Romanian magnesium smelter that would use local Calcite-Brucite mineral feedstock. TRU has been engaged for some time on technical studies to determine the amenability of the brucite to Pidgeon process production of magnesium metal, as well as undertaking a feasibility study.

  • Nickel Smelter Plant Feasibility Study Fundamental ...

    DEVELOP Training Center menyelenggarakan Kelas Nickel Smelter Plant Feasibility Study Fundamental yang bertujuan untuk melatih dengan cakupan kerja terkait Nickel Smelter Plant Feasibility Study. Pelatihan dilaksanakan melalui penyampaian materi dan diskusi interaktif di dalam kelas.


    feasibility study detailed analysis of alternatives. EPA will determine the number of phases necessary to complete the RI/FS and the activities included in each phase, subject to the provisions of the Administrative Order.

  • Feasibility study of a portable smelter for scrap metals ...

    The Foundry Design Company study indicated the portable smelter concept was feasible from an equipment and transportation standpoint. Capital costs for a 5-ton/hour (steel) nominal capacity unit were estimated to be $2,349,000.

  • A study of the feasibility of using mathematical ...

    Jun 01, 2007· The smelter pots were modelled as heated walls, with prescribed heat flux. The value 2000 W/m 2 was computed from the energy consumption obtained from the plant data. In this initial feasibility study, radiative heat transfer is neglected. In doing so, the computational cost of performing the simulations is considerably reduced.

  • Morrison Copper/Gold Project Feasibility Study Volume 5 ...

    Feb 27, 2009· Feasibility Study Volume 5 Financial Analysis 1 . 0 F I N A N C I A L A N A L Y S I S 1.1 INTRODUCTION An economic evaluation of the Morrison Project was prepared by Wardrop based on a pre-tax financial model. For the 21 year mine life the following pre-tax financial parameters were calculated: 20.05% IRR 4.2 yrs payback on $516.7 million ...

  • Typical Content of Feasibility Study

    Dec 18, 2018· Many people visited my blog because they searched about feasibility study. I wrote a bit about the topic years ago. I wrote it when I involved in my second feasibility study project, which is bankable feasibility study for ferronickel smelter. In this post I want to share you typical content of feasibility study. The content actually may be ...

  • Noranda Magnesium - Disasterous Magnolia Project

    Brucite- Feasibility of a Romanian magnesium smelter that would use local Calcite-Brucite mineral feedstock. TRU has been engaged for some time on technical studies to determine the amenability of the brucite to Pidgeon process production of magnesium metal, as well as undertaking a feasibility study.

  • Business Case Studies & Business Publications - Darden ...

    BHP Billiton, the world's largest diversified resource company at the start of the 21st century, began a feasibility study in 1995 for building an aluminum smelter project in the Maputo province in southern Mozambique?one of the world's poorest countries that was hampered by fragile legal, financial, and health, safety, environmental, and community institutional structures and capacity.